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VR Production

State of the Art VR Experiences


Art Education VR

Design for EdUHK

Our Virtual Reality Experience offers a first PoV for public and educators experience Art and Social Issues with immersive experience.   Through collaboration with EdUHK Creative Arts, we been filming creative artpieces from EdUHK to showcase latest art piece and provide a virtual visual simulation during COVID.


VR Filming Production

360 Video Production for NGO Eldpathy

At Trigger Lab, we offer a variety of VR experiences for beginners and experts alike. In our VR-Inspired Elderly Care Experience, you can walk around freely for wireless, unhindered immersion and an out of this world adventure to learn about a day in Elderly care Center.

VR Production: Our Facilities

360 Video

State of Art 360 Filming for 松齡護老集團

The real world is cool, but why not leave it behind for a while? Whether you want to become a secret agent or a professional athlete, we provide a fully immersive experience that you’re sure to love. We can’t wait to see which adventure you choose!

VR Production: Welcome


歷耆者 | 全港首創高齡體驗活動之社企

At Trigger Lab, every game, play area and booking option is curated for you. From date nights and family outings, to brand launches and corporate events, we offer something for every occasion. Join us soon!

2 Hour Pass

Total VR Immersion

VR Production: Book Now
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